Should You Consider the Plumbling Profession?


Not enough people consider the profession of plumbing when they are in school because it is not one of the world’s most glamorous jobs. But it is a job that will always be in demand, and perhaps partly because it is a job that not everyone would want to do, it pays well.  It is not due to the fact that plumbing is bad profession. It is just because young people simply do not think of becoming plumbers.

Plumbers Work Hard

Being a plumber does enable a person to earn a higher wage than most mainstream jobs. However, there is a lot of hard work involved with being a plumber and you will have to be trained in many areas before being able to ply your trade. But once you have learned the trade, your services will always be in demand.

Plumbers Earn a Good Wage

Undoubtedly, plumbers earn good money. There is also the benefit that in many cases plumbers earn more and more as they get older and gain more experience. Whereas in other professions, a person may only expect a yearly raise that is slightly above the rate of inflation, a plumber can essentially – depending on how much work they want to do – write their own paycheck.

Mass Immigration Has Lowered Plumbers’ Wages

The influx of mass immigration has meant that many plumbers have had to lower their prices, but this is why it is so important to maintain a good reputation. With nearly every low-cost plumbing job comes a horror story. If you remind people that economy plumbing means that a plumber must be economic with quality, then people will be more inclined to pay for a decent service.

Plumbers Can Work Fewer Hours

If you work for yourself, as opposed to working for a company, and you manage to build a good client list and have a great reputation, then you need only work two or three days per week in order to earn a living wage. Any further work you do is just icing on the cake. The current economic downturn and mass immigration has made the plumbing profession more difficult, but there is still a lot of money out there to be made by the right person.

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