More Risks That Plumbers Face

Water LeakMost people think that the only risks plumbers run is from lonely housewives, or at least that is what the adult industry has led us to believe. But plumbers face more risks than that of a husband coming home unexpectedly. Here are a few hazards that plumbers face that many people do not fully recognize.

Asbestos Still Kills Plumbers

There is the problem of asbestos, which still exists in some buildings. Even these days, asbestos still kills quite a few plumbers and electricians each year. They are usually exposed to it when they are drilling through walls. There are rules and laws against the use of asbestos, but no plumber can be sure of its existence until they have uncovered it. In many cases a plumber is trained to recognise things such as asbestos.

Hardwired Electrical Components are Dangerous

We must also not forget the risks that plumbers face when working near or around hardwired electric installation. A plumber is often expected to drill and carve into a wall, and these walls sometimes have electrical components within them. The chances of a plumber cutting through an unexpected wire is very slight if the plumber is well aware of building regulations and the layout and building. However, one cannot always guarantee the work of the electrician who may have installed wiring without noting it down on any blueprints therefore putting the plumber at risk.

Plumbers Work with Conducting Fluids and Materials

Don’t forget that when a plumber works with water that he or she is using a movable conductive element. He or she may not be aware of the leak that that has bled into an electrical component. The subsequent puddle may become an electrical risk, or the entire pipe may now be conducting electricity. This may not be a problem when dealing with household voltages, but if this happened on a commercial or industrial project then the electricity supply may be three-phase power. The potential for lethal shocks is increased significantly.

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