Water Heater Maintenance

How to Extend the Life of Your Hot Water Heater

The life of your hot water heater can be greatly improved with proper maintenance. Here are the steps you need to take ensure a longer life for your hot water heater.

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Water Leak

More Risks That Plumbers Face

Here are a few hazards that plumbers face that many people do not fully recognize.

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Plumbing Challenges

Some Challenges That Plumbers Face

Being a plumber can be a very difficult job. A plumber is expected to do a number of varied tasks within the industrial, commercial, private and public sector.

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Plumber's Butt

An Interesting Look At Plumber’s Butt

It’s so common that it has a name – Plumber’s Butt. And it’s hard to avoid. When you’re knelt down and leaning forward to work under a sink, it just happens.

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What is a Plumber?

The primary aim of a plumber is to provide drinking water to a building, to provide water storage, heating, circulation and drainage to a property.

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Plumbers Working at a Construction Site

The Risks of Being a Plumber

Being a plumber is probably not as risky as being an electrician. However, a plumber’s life is not as risk free as some people may think it is.

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Should You Consider the Plumbling Profession?

Not enough people consider the profession of plumbing when they are in school because it is not one of the world’s most glamorous jobs. But it’s a job that will always be demand.

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