The Risks of Being a Plumber

Plumbers Working at a Construction Site

Being a plumber can be a risky job. It is probably not as risky as being an electrician because an electrician is constantly exposed to live wiring and high voltages. However, a plumber’s life is not as risk free as some people may think it is.

Heavy Pipes and Dangerous Objects

For starters, there are many heavy pipes and tools involved in plumbing that can pose a risk to a person’s health. Many plumbers have suffered broken bones and crushed limbs because of heavy pipes and dangerous plumbing tools. A plumber is expected to cut and bend very large and sturdy pieces of pipe, which at the end of the day are just large pieces of metal with hollow parts in the middle. Any item with a substantial weight is a risk when it has to be handled frequently.

Plumbers Use Power Tools

There is also a risk from power tools and cutting equipment that plumbers are expected to use. Sometimes even well-trained plumbers have accidents which are due to nothing more than bad luck. Sometimes training and experience cannot prepare a plumber for the cold hand of lady luck.

Working on Construction Sites

The plumber is often expected to work on construction sites, and construction sites can be dangerous places to work. There is often heavy and dangerous equipment being used in the vicinity of the plumber, and there is a chance of something falling on a plumber in an active work area.

Working at Great Heights and In Confined Spaces

A plumber may also be expected to work at varying heights and on scaffolding. A head for heights is needed, as is a freedom from claustrophobia. This is because a plumber will also be expected to squeeze into small spaces. In some cases this can be very hazardous, as chemical and noxious fumes can accumulate in a confined space, and a person can be overcome by the fumes and can pass out. Most company will use a sniffer to measure the amount of fumes present before allowing you to enter the space, and will have a spotter ready to pull you out of the confined space should you pass out.

Always Use Safety Measures

Although there are many dangers in plumbing, using all possible safety measures, including wearing all the appropriate safety equipment and being mindful and careful of what you are doing, will keep you safe in most instances.

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